{ Designer }

It's the key product of Manifold designer and is the pivotal point from which to begin modeling hydraulic blocks.

Inside this product there are several modules that will help you create new component libraries or modify existing ones, that will help you check the quality of the project you are doing and will allow you to create assemblies in automatic/semiautomatic way.

Similarly, you can create perfect and complete two-dimensional tables with all the details you will decide to represent.

A simple start-up

To start using Designer Manifolod a particular training will not be required as well as a particular know-how on 3D Cad.

Download the software and download the manual to create your first block and ... you're ready to tackle the toughest challenges.

Block creation Tutorial Cavity creation

Block edit

By this command you can change the dimension of the hydrulic block.

It coul be really useful to chenge the dimension of a block in order to find some space between complex stuctures of holes.

This command comes in your help and tries to do everything for you. You just have to select the place where you want some more space and Manifold Designer will do everything for you.


X: Spece you wnt to add in X direction

Y: Space you want to add in Y direction

Z: Space you want to add in Z direction