{ Drafter }

Drafter is the Manifold Designer module we use to create all the documentation you need.

Several commands are delivered with this package to give the customers a complete set of tools to perfectly define all of the details you want to see with a good technical drawin.

All of the parameters are user definable. Holetables and leaders are freely definable by the customer to allow the maximum of freedom.

At the end of the configuration process the user can produce a complete 2D drawing with 1 single mouse click.

Leader customization

An alternative to Holetables

If you prefere to use leaders to document your viewyou can you Manifold Designer Leaders.

Our leaders give you the chance to create balloon with all kind of information coming from MD Objects you have created on the block (depth of the central hole, oring diameter, Z angle, etc.).

You can define as many leader standards as you like by using the  leader customization procedure. 

With a few clicks you can define very complex leaders and you can place then on individual view or on all of the views. Also if these leaders are created by Manifold Designer you can define their appearance throw Inventor Styles.

So, at the end, you can create special let us say "hydraulic leaders" with easy in a few seconds.